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Horror­ Thriller

Bijou Phillips
James Murray

Joseph Rusnak

Bob Katz
Marc Toberoff


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Based on Larry Cohen’s original and successful cult classic from 1974, but more horrifying than the original, this movie takes us on a journey where we explore the terrifying consequences of a young woman’s actions. LENORE (Bijou Phillips) is pregnant with her longtime boyfriend FRANK (James Murray), but something horrible happens in the delivery room as all the doctors and nurses are gruesomely murdered, leaving the mother and baby safely untouched. There is no trace of the killer as the police try to solve the mystery. When Leonore and Frank proudly bring their beautiful baby home, people start disappearing… As the baby’s nature is revealed, Lenore has to choose between the love for her newborn and her family.

With just enough circumstantial evidence in place, D.A. Hunter is not able to resist charging C.J. with the crime. He’s intent on racking up yet another sensational conviction to bolster his run for governor. In order to guarantee a conviction Hunter plants fake DNA evidence. But at the right moment in his trial, C.J. signals Finley to produce the videotape, and expose Hunter. C.J.’s plan backfires when the D.A. discovers the set up and gets rid of all the evidence the journalist has amassed to prove C.J.’s innocence. He has only one place to turn…one person who can help him–the one person he has lied to all along about this plan–his lover and Hunter’s assistant D.A., Ella Crystal (Amber Tamblyn). Now Ella must prove her boss is a criminal and C.J. innocent, or C.J. will be executed for the murder.

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