Patrick Dempsey
Ashley Judd
Tim Blake Nelson
Pruitt Taylor Vince
Mekhi Phifer
John Ventimiglia
Matt Ryan
Jeffrey Tambor
Octavia Spencer

Rob Minkoff

Jon Lucas & Scott Moore

Peter Safran
Mark Damon
Patrick Dempsey

Joannie Burstein
Tamara Birkemoe
Christian Arnold-­Beutel
Greg Walker
Gudrun Giddings


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BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT is a remake of the RKO classic from 1956, the last American film directed by the great Fritz Lang.In this suspenseful and clever thriller a journalist, C.J. NICHOLAS (Jesse Metcalfe), seeks to expose a corrupt and politically ambitious District Attorney, HUNTER (Michael Douglas), by setting himself up as the suspect in a murder he didn’t commit. C.J. literally frames himself for the murder by planting circumstantial evidence…and has his colleague and best friend, FINLEY, video tape him doing it while he holds up the day’s newspaper—ensuring his exoneration.

With just enough circumstantial evidence in place, D.A. Hunter is not able to resist charging C.J. with the crime. He’s intent on racking up yet another sensational conviction to bolster his run for governor. In order to guarantee a conviction Hunter plants fake DNA evidence. But at the right moment in his trial, C.J. signals Finley to produce the videotape, and expose Hunter.C.J.’s plan backfires when the D.A. discovers the set up and gets rid of all the evidence the journalist has amassed to prove C.J.’s innocence. He has only one place to turn…one person who can help him…and the one person he has lied to all along about this plan… his lover and Hunter’s assistant D.A., Ella Crystal (Amber Tamblyn). Now Ella must prove her boss is a criminal and C.J. innocent, or C.J. will be executed for the murder.

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